We have a well-established cardiology department

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We have a well-established neurology department. The reports issued by Dr.Jeevan S Nair,  MD, DCH, DM (SCTIMST) – Consultant Neurologist

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Pulmonary function test: A test that is designed to measure how well the lungs are working. Abbreviated PFTPFTs gauge how the lungs are expanding and contracting (when a person inhales and exhales) and measure the efficiency of the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide between the blood and the air within the lungs.


We have fully automated analysers, Nihon Kohden, Automated Cell Counter 5 Part and Swelab Alfa 3-part Hematology Analyzer that accurately provides 18 parameters of blood count.. Our department also carries out examination of specimens like urine, fluids, semen, stool, sputum etc.


Department of Biochemistry has been successfully evaluating the various parameters of serum and plasma. Fully automated analyzers are used here. Hormone assays are also done with great care using CLIA and Fluorescence assay technologies.

We are using integrated fully automated chemistry system like Dimension Xpand Plus from Siemens,  new Clinical Chemistry and Turbidimetry analyzer BA 400 from Biosystems,  CKK – 24 Clinical Chemistry Analyzer and  Na, K analyzer for electrolytes.


Pathology department is headed by Dr. M Sasikala, MBBS,MD (Pathology),having more than 20 years of experience. She is in charge of Cytology, Histopathology and Haematology. FNAC involves the fine needle aspirations from various sites such as Iymphnodes, thyroid , breast lumps etc.. helping in early diagnosis. Biopsy specimens from various organ sites are processed and examined with utmost care.


Medical microbiology involves the diagnosis and management of infectious diseases caused by bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites etc .. The Microbiologists do culture and antibiotic sensitivity testing for clinical specimens like urine, blood, exudates, fluids, tissues and swabs. Serology is also a part of Microbiology. Various ELISA tests also performed on Biomerieux – Mini Vidas (Fully Automated Immunoassay Analyzer) like; HIV,HAV, HEV, HBsAg ,HCV, Dengue, Leptospira …


Dr.V . Manjunath ,MBBS,DMRD, is the head of Radiology and Imaging, having more than 20 years of experience. All normal ultra sound scanning and high resolution scanning are done here. We have the most modern Colour Doppler AFFINITI-70 from PHILIPS. It is a higher end, high resolution machine that enables to scan even small parts. All Doppler studies like Arterial and Venous study, Renal ,Thyroid, Scrotum, Obstetrics, Elast PQ Ultrasound Shear Wave Elastography etc..are done here. Ultrasound scan also assists in accurate aspirations of FNAC.

PureWave’s power is strengthened by Affiniti 70’s precision beamforming, which features a wide dynamic range to deliver superb spatial and contrast resolution, outstanding tissue uniformity, fewer artifacts and reduced image clutter.

Affiniti 70, can easily add contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) to nearly any exam. Affiniti 70 provides immediate optimization of CEUS studies and exceptional performance across multiple agents and applications, which allows for dynamic assessment of organ and tumor perfusion in real time.


Our X – Ray department uses latest High Frequency 200 HF  machine from Siemens which enables to do conventional X-ray studies and dental X-rays. Special studies including Barium swallow, Barium meal, IVP ,etc. and also special X- ray like full spine and full length, ankle to hip joint X rays (Ortho cases) are carried out here. Our X –ray department is working under the registration of AERB with REG .No : AERB/RSD/MX/reg/KL-452 (A/2011/ 3118).


GE Healthcare – Mac 2000 Latest multichannel ECG machine enables to get accurate computerised interpretation including heart rates and reasons for abnormality.

The MAC 2000 Resting ECG System with the Marquette* 12SL* analysis program can help to avoid variations in care delivery by standardizing ECG information from the physician.

The system provides proven diagnostic support enabling clinicians to make fast, accurate diagnoses. Its flexible connectivity solutions offer clinicians the data they need to help improve patient outcomes and streamline workflow throughout the continuum of cardiac care.